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Policies and Guidelines

on Wed 06 Sep 2017, 10:04 am
First of all, welcome to the new Staff forum for Virtual Ephemera!!

Second, we'd like to introduce our management team (and if they choose to do so, there will be a Welcome thread where they can introduce themselves as well)

Briony - Owner and Manager, DJ and Hostess
Nymian - Manager, DJ and Hostess
Zoey - Manager and Hostess (Mer Manager as well)
Natalie - Manager and Hostess

We'd like to take a minute to go over some policies and guidelines just as a reminder. This is for both the forum and for SL.

1. Please let us know as soon as you know that you're not going to be in world for your set. The sooner we know, the better we can coordinate with another DJ/Hostess so that we can keep the party rocking!

2. Work together with your partners to come up with fun themes or events!! The more fun you have coming up with the sets and events, the more fun your crowd is going to have! Remember that it is a partnership, so DJs, get involved! Help your hostesses out! Hostesses, you too! It's a two way street!

3. Should your event require additional space, or a set up that you can't provide with one of the areas of Ephemera - please reach out to management and we can get you set up in the Event Skybox! Let us know what your event is and what you're envisioning and we'll do our best to make it happen!

4. Treat your fellow staff members with respect. If you have an issue with a staff member, take it to management. Remember that no matter what our issues are with each other, it is important to remain professional in front of the club goers - which means no office politics in front of them! Be silly, have fun, engage conversation, talk about everything under the sun, but know where the line is and when you're about to cross it. When in doubt about what's appropriate, ask Bri - it's her club and her rules!

**These rules are here to help, and are subject to change. We'll notify you if there's a change/update!**
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