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Introducing DD

on Fri 08 Sep 2017, 9:57 pm
Hi! My name is Dione, pronounced, (Dee-Own), I also answer to DD (dee-dee or double dee.. I'm not offended) One of my favorite games on SL is what lent to my current nomenclature status. Every Friday when I DJ'd I would be challenged to take a new name, chosen by a listener. I am lucky enough to have had some very wonderful, and forgiving listeners regarding this game, whoa be to DD the chaos that could've been created by mischievous participants. I've been djing on SL since 2007, and have dabbled in the world of RL over the internet. I have three kiddos, all girls.. I hear I won the "You've been served" lottery on that one as well, but my house is filled with music and laughter, and open mic! yes, my kids sing, no we are not the von traps, and I couldn't be more proud of where we all are today. My oldest does play on SL she is of that age, and just as salty as mom. I LOVE to play in blender and make stuff, I love to share talents, fun and general nonsense with my friends on SL, and if I know you here, you are in the same boat as the friends I've known from my RL. I see no separation in relation, I'm so happy to call you friend. In a past life I was a commercial HVAC/R technician (Heating, Ventalation, Air-conditioning/Refrigeration tech) and I am a US Army Vet (Gulf war '91) with 8 years of time served for my country. These days I pass my time teaching guitar for my school district, and also via the internet .. anyone can learn no matter what your age, I appreciate and instruct reading actual music, and not tablature, so you can apply that knowledge to all instruments, including your voice, and I tend to be pretty laid back and long winded Wink and I drive for Uber on the edge!
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Re: Introducing DD

on Sat 09 Sep 2017, 1:32 pm
Welcome, DD!!! ♥ I hope that you find the forum a useful tool!
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